Sunday, July 22, 2012

'Digesting' the week...

I'm still here!
It's just been a bit of the week from hell really, so no time for blogging. But surprisingly our "new start natural" has actually been going very well overall, despite the fact that time at home has been limited.

I say overall because at one stage we ended up having takeaways (McDonalds, Red Rooster & hospital cafeteria food) for 3 meals in a row as we trekked back & forth between hospitals, but considering the circumstances it could have been worse.

This week we've been continuing to "play" with our new toy Tom and make things I never ever would have had the notion to make before.
For example...

Butter (& Butter Milk):

Sooooo quick & easy to make with the thermomix, but I have to admit that unless cream was on special then this is not a cost saving. For that reason I can't see me making this regularly.

Almond Milk:

I had high hopes for this helping me find something to replace milk now that I've gone off dairy again... but what can I say, dairy-free milks just don't do it for me. However it is good in things like porridge etc... because it tastes better than if they were made with water.

Yoghurt & Cherry Sauce:

Again yoghurt was super easy to make with the thermomix. Although unlike butter I'll definitely be making this again!
My first batch came out with a bit of a weird texture but it still tasted great and I suspect it was the milk powder I used. I realised after I used it that it had 2 additives in it and I'm picking that they messed with the end result. Next time I won't bother with milk powder to thicken & will see how it works without it.

Copious amounts of baking:

I'm finding that if I commit to spend a solid hour and a half or so in the kitchen then I can usually pump out at least 4 baked items. And the best thing is that the mess is sooooo minimal!
The freezer is now well stocked with healthy whole food snacks for Hannah's school lunches. Score.

Most things have been a roaring success and the girls have liked them. With the exception of the breads that is. I just can not get my girls, particularly Hannah, to eat home made bread to save my life!
Hopefully it's one of those things which the more I expose her to it the closer she'll get to accepting it. But for now it looks like that's the one sticking point in my plan to make our own baked goods.

I've also make a good number of dinners in the thermomix as well.
On Friday night I made bolognaise sauce in the thermomix by first grinding steak & bacon down to make mince. It literally took 3 presses of the turbo button & there I had my mince and it was seriously the most delicious bolognaise ever. Even Neil said so & both girls gobbled it up.
I have to see if I can recreate that one and write down the recipe because it was well worth making again! Especially as it had lots of hidden veges in ;)

And that is where I'm up to.

Probably the most surprising thing this week about our experience with the thermomix has been Neil's response since he got home. He waited patiently for me to show him how it worked for the first 4 days, but there just wasn't the opportunity (that was the period of takeaways and more takeaways since we were up in the city at the hospital). Finally I gave him a brief demo of what all the features did by using it to reheat & blend up some left over soup that a friend had made us.
He was super impressed and very intrigued.
But that's not the impressive part -
The next morning he got up to the girls and gave me a sleep in. When I got up at 8.30am he had used the thermomix to make everybody porridge for breakfast.!
Then today he used it yet again to make me boiled eggs for breakfast.

So I reckon on that grounds alone it has been well worth the money. Because it if can get my husband into the kitchen then it must be quite some machine ;)

Back soon...


Leanne said...

Have you tried making just ordinary white bread for your kids from scratch. If you buy good ingredients it will still be better for them and often cheaper than what you will get at the bakery. I am glad it is working out to give you time to cook while everything else is so busy.

Sarah said...

wow... Couldnt you get the girls into it with doing plaited loaves, then letting them taste when still a bit warm with butter melting on it...? Make a really big deal about the smell too... Love bread baking...

susan said...

Yay for all the great food. And about the bread - just keep giving it to her. One day she will forget she doesn't like it and stop refusing to eat it or complaining. Helen used to hate bread 'with bits' and I ignored her. Now - no problems at all.

Cherie said...

Wow what a lot of great looking things there. The bread looks so yummy how can they not want to eat it! =D

Cassandra said...

Congrats on getting your husband into the kitchen! ;) Sounds like the machine has been extremely successful.

I hope your daughter likes homemade bread soon! There is nothing better than a fresh loaf. mmmm....