Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Home made Chicken Nuggets...

One of the very first things on my "hit list" to journey natural was Chicken Nuggets...
They are regretfully my children's favourite food and quite frankly the ingredients list of most kinds usually scares me off.
So I decided to make my own kind.
I googled a bunch of recipes to get me started but then in typical Kat style made up my own method.

They were a HUGE hit!!
The kids have eaten them twice now, a few weeks apart. Then when we had them the night before last Hannah even told me that she liked them better than "Chippies, Nuggets & Sauce" (which means McDonald's). I just about spat my food out in shock when she came out and said that - that's high praise indeed from her!
Yay me!

They were also a lot easier than I anticipated to make. In fact I pumped them out one afternoon in about 15 minutes just before I had to do the school run. And that included clean up time.
Which begs the question - why hadn't I made them before!

Anyway here's what I did to make my easy Nuggets...

Sorry about the photo of raw meat! It was almost school run time
 so didn't have time to take many photos!

2 slices of wholemeal bread (or 3 if you have a big piece of chicken - I almost ran out)
1 Tbsp finely grated parmesan
Salt & Pepper to taste
1-2 beaten eggs (I used 2 but I think next time I will start with 1 and add more if required)
approx 1/2 cup of flour
1 chicken breast (I estimate it was about 300grams worth)
Olive (or other) oil spray
3 breakfast/cereal sized bowls

Makes about 25

Step 1: Making the coating...
Medium toast the bread. Once cooled roughly break into smaller pieces and whizz it in a processor to make bread crumbs. (I used my mini hand held food processor - you can use whatever you have on hand that will do the job)
Add your salt & pepper & parmesan to taste and mix well.
Put into one of your bowls.

Put the flour into one of your other bowls and your beaten egg(s) into the other.

Step 2: Prepare the chicken
Cut your chicken up into nugget sized pieces. Try and make them as evenly sized as possible for even cooking.

Step 3: Dunking them...
Take a piece (or few) of chicken and roll them in the flour to coat
Dunk them in the egg
Roll them in the breadcrumb mixture until they are completely covered.
Place them on an oven tray (or plates if you don't have an oven tray which will fit in your freezer & you would like to freeze them like me for later use...)
Repeat until you've used up all your chicken.

Step 4: Oil & freeze...
Lightly mist (I use a pump oil sprayer) your nuggets with oil. Turn over & do the other side.
Pop tray into the freezer for an hour or until just frozen (I did this step so that they wouldn't all freeze together) then transfer to a storage container.

{The oil part is optional. If you are wanting to reduce fat then I guess you could skip this part. But since chicken breast has a tendency to dry out, you'll just need to be aware of that when you cook them if you don't do the oil.}

To cook:
I grilled mine under a medium-hot grill for 9-10 minutes each side from fresh or 13 minutes each side from frozen.
They came out beautifully moist despite my anticipation that using straight chicken breast might make them a dry compared to the store bought ones.

So there you have it, not hard at all. Now that I know what a hit they are I think I'll do a bunch more next time so that I have them on hand for lazy nights.

And I've also followed the same recipe for fish but in the coating I added fresh parsley & grated lemon rind to the whiz part. Yum :)



susan said...

Your kids are going to be foodies like mine soon. Yay!

Cherie said...

Got to love chicken nuggets! Always better to make than to buy =D

mtnhomequilter said...

These sound really good. I cheat and use garlic parmesan croutons. Grind em up, dunk em in, bake for 15 min @ 400 F. Way better than tyson or mc'ds anytime! Will definately try your recipe for fish though. Always looking for a good fish recipe.

Leanne said...

These sound good, I have a kid who likes them too, maybe I will give it try. In your honour I made dinner yesterday with 4 different pots, turkey breast stirfry with organic and locally produced vegetables and a fresh turkey breast (not organic though - I will look harder next time). And it even tasted great.

LethargicLass said...

those do sound yummy, I might try with GF breadcrumbs... another things that keeps chicken really moist is yogurt... maybe it would work in place of the egg?