Thursday, July 26, 2012

More new guests in the kitchen...

On Tuesday afternoon I got the rare chance to pop to the shops for the afternoon without any real agenda. Just to get outside my four walls & see some of the world for a few hours.
So as well as taking some time to get pampered and get my hair done, I also meandered through the shops to see what inspiration I could find for our new whole food diet.

First of all I perused the bookshop for ages. Such bliss to do this at my leisure without any children squawking at me "I'm hungry... I need the toilet... Can we have this one..." etc etc.
I'm afraid that I did not come home empty handed and this new cook book came home with me...

Nobody in my house is actually gluten-free, but there are literally 100s of great whole foods recipes in here and I thought it would be a good resource to expand my use of different flours & legumes etc.

So far it looks like a really great book! The only thing that I don't like about it is that the majority of the baking recipes have xantham gum in. I get why it's there, but I'm not sure I'm happy to introduce that into our diet unnecessarily (since we aren't gluten free) and therefore can't see me using a bunch of the recipes. However, despite that there are loads of other great recipes in there that I can see myself using.
And because we aren't gluten free I figured that for the xantham gum ones (for example the cakes or pastas) I could just use my normal wheat based pastries/batters/breads etc. in those situations.

As well as the new book I also came home with this from Kmart:

That totally broke the bank - it was a whole $12! (lets not get into how they could make it for that price...) I figured this would be a really fun addition to the kitchen and I already know that Hannah will just love it.

And the last new guest to my kitchen is by far the most exciting...

I had a phone call from my Dad (he's the Andrew of the apron - I made that for his Christmas present a few years ago) this morning to ask how we'd feel about having a visitor next week. I knew he was contemplating coming for a visit in October but when he went to check flight prices he worked out that it was only $1 dearer to come next week instead of in October as originally planned.
So he decided to book tickets and arrives this Sunday for two weeks.
Nothing like a short notice surprise visitor to make my day :)

I'm SO excited! He will be here for Abbie's surgery and also her 2nd birthday.
It is a shame my Mum can't make it too, but she is not yet retired like him and they just had a long holiday in Brisbane in May to meet my new niece so she's used her leave.

Oh and why am I calling him a guest to my kitchen?
Well, my Dad is a great home cook and taught me everything I know. He LOVES the kitchen (clearly I did not inherit that gene) and I'm half wondering if he's coming to visit to see Tom not us ;)
I wonder this because literally as soon as I got my Thermomix Dad was emailing me websites & recipes to look at and had looked up all the specs.
So I can imagine Tom will really be put to test in the next few weeks.

I guess we can watch this space & see what masterpieces we'll come up with :)


Cherie said...

The book looks interesting. I'm lactose free (the only one in my family) never tried gluten free products.
Ooo my Mother wanted to get a pasta machine..though I'm sure she would never use it!

Haha you Father sounds funny! I'm sure he'll be in the kitchen more than anything =D

Sarah said...

Oh that is the sweetest nicest news! So glad your dad will be with you next week :-) Even if he is coming to see Tom... lol Great news x

Leanne said...

Your dad is the best, coming for the surgery - don't believe anything he says about wanting to see Tom. I hope you have fun making fresh pasta!

amy g :) said...

YAYAYAY for the pasta maker! i don't use mine as much as i was originally planning on, but when i do, i LOVE the results!! ravioli is soooo amazing homemade!

Peter Rowney said...

This is why you should be glad your brother studied Food Technology! I wouldn't necessarily classify Xanthan Gum as unnatural. It is the biproduct of bacteria metabolising corn starch so therefore how is it any different to cheese? Or wine? Or bread? Except that wine and bread use yeast of course.

Cassandra said...

Yay for your dad being able to visit! It'll be fun to see what he can do with Tom.

A pasta maker is really that cheap??? I had never looked into buying one because I assumed they were expensive. Bad assumption, I guess! Now I have to buy one... Pasta is one of my favorite things EVER and I would love to make my own. Wheeeeeeee.

Pardon my excitement. ;)

Thanks for posting about it!