Friday, July 27, 2012

Wholefoods update...

I am so pleased to report that over the last few weeks I have been having a lot of successes of getting the little flutter fusspots to eat an increasing amount of whole foods.
The majority of dinners are going down a treat including home made bolognaise, "alien soup" (pumpkin & broccollini), pasta in vege laden sauce etc.

There have definitely been a good share of sticking points too... like they're still not accepting home made bread at.all, and I made a delicious dish the other night with a variety of beans in which actually made Hannah gag bless her. She has never a bean/legume lover unless they are blended and very well disguised and apparently nothing has changed.

The most surprising things they have accepted have been:

**  getting them to eat coleslaw. That is definitely a first for Hannah! It took me about 30 secs to make in Tom with a lemon oil dressing and most astonishingly Hannah loved it and even went back for seconds.

**  slowly getting them to accept home made yoghurt. It tastes so sour that I must admit I'm still sweetening it a bit with sugar & vanilla for them. But even getting them to eat it at all after rejecting it at the start is good progress. I figure I'll just sneakily reduce the sugar slightly each time I make their bowls until they're used to the taste.

**  the fact they loved the organic corn chips...

I must admit that those chips are definitely delicious and are way tastier than the ones full of additives!!  Chips are such a rare treat in this house but it's nice to have a few foods like that in the cupboard for treats when we have family movie night or when I want to treat Hannah to something special in her school lunch etc...

**  my girls raiding my new herb garden...

Today I talked them through what all the herbs were and upon request gave them a taste of each of them. It all came about because I had picked a bit of mint for me to eat and they wanted to have a taste too. Well one thing led to another and before I knew it they happily sampled them all and were asking for more.
Seriously unbelievable!

Are these really the same two girls that would refuse any food with green bits in before they had even tasted it?! They even asked for more lettuce!
I guess growing the food themselves and fully understanding the food cycle really does play a vital role in getting them to be open to different foods.

So much so that I couldn't believe it, but I actually had to tell them they weren't allowed to pick any more without asking me first - hey just weren't stopping eating them otherwise.
- I really wasn't anticipating this new kind of pest threat to my garden LOL
(Needless to say the stevia plant is the going favourite...)

So good progress overall, but I would't exactly say we were ready to claim full whole food status yet or anything close. Not when chocolate churro's (and chippies & nuggets) have been on the menu in the last few days that's for sure ;)

Maybe I could pretend they are 'vegetables' or something? - they kind of look like carrots don't they? Haha yeah nice try...


Sarah said...

Can I come eat at your house please?

Cherie said...

That's really good getting them out in the garden to see how the food is grown! I think children work better with interaction and being able to taste the food is a big help too!
Haha the churros! =D

DebbieH said...

It is so great that the girls are enjoying your food and the herb garden :) I can't believe Hannah ate coleslaw - way to go Hannah! But I am surprised they don't like your bread, especially if you made it white... Have you tried making bread rolls instead and getting them to help you shape them? xx

Dolores said...

I'm astonished at how much healthy stuff they're eating, I might need to try some of your techniques on my fusspots. Anyway, I was going to suggest chopped banana with yoghurt (or strawberries), my 2yr old loves it and has it once a day (sometimes for breakfast). I switched from Vaalia (full of sugar but delicious yoghurt) to Jalna which tastes more like yoghurt and less like a dessert but she still loves it. I'm not even going to attempt to make yoghurt even though I know you can buy the kits from the supermarket, I just feel like I've got enough on my plate right now.