Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Alien Pasta - A recipe {kind of}

One of the things that I really struggle to get my girls to eat is green vegetables!!!
It doesn't seem to matter what the vegetable is, if it's green they won't seem to touch it.
Perhaps with the exception of broccoli... Sometimes they will eat broccoli & sometimes they won't.
But never the less it is not ideal since green vegetables are so good for them...

So, as with everything I want to manipulate them to do (ha - just keeping it real here), I have been trying to think of a fun way to present the idea to them.
And we seem to have cracked it -
May I present to you - Alien Pasta...

That's Hannah's dinner with a few leftovers. It actually looks more than it is
(only 2 short strands of pasta left).

Look appealing?
Not really... I won't be making it as a food stylist any time soon ;)
I guess you could just as easily call it snot pasta for the colour LOL
But do they eat it just because it has a fun name & the veges are semi disguised?
Every time!

So I thought I'd share how I made it:
{I need to say that this is off the top of my head because I vary the recipe depending on what green veges I have in my fridge/garden on the day. We quite often make it as "alien soup" instead of pasta.
Which Hannah actually requests now if I say I'm making soup.

{Also I should say that even though I made this in the Thermomix, the recipe could easily be adapted to a pot & blender version or whatever)

1 handful of broccoli florets
1 handful of cauliflower florets
1 handful of celery cut into short lengths
1 handful of green beans with the tops & tails taken off
1/2 handful of fresh parsley
1/2 handful of rocket/spinach
5-6+ leaves of fresh basil
1 1/2 Tbsp of garlic infused olive oil (or regular but I realised I'd forgotten to put in garlic so I used my garlic infused oil)
approx 1 cup of water
A dash of balsamic vinegar
Salt & Pepper to taste
2 heaped Tbsns of Parmesan cheese
2 tsp of flour or cornflour (optional)

Cooked Pasta to serve with
Diced cooked chicken (optional)

1. Put a couple of small cubes of parmesan cheese into the Thermomix bowl & whiz for about 10 seconds on speed 8 to grate. Set aside

2. Place all the vegetables & herbs into the bowl & whiz on speed 7-8 for about 10 seconds or until finely puréed.

3. Add your water, vinegar, oil, salt & pepper and cook for 13 mins on speed 2 at 80 degrees.

4. Add your flour & parmesan cheese & cook for a further 2 minutes (I didn't actually add flour today but I will from now on because it stops the water separating from the vegetables in the sauce and makes it creamier.).

5. Once finished cooking slowly go from speed 2 through to speed 8 for about 15 seconds to blend together.

6. Serve over cooked pasta & sprinkle with cooked chicken & extra cheese if desired.

Too quick & easy.

That amount was enough for the 3 of us for 2 meals so I would say that it would serve approx 4 adults.
As with all of my recipes the quantities are very "loose".
Sorry - Exact cooking is not my style unless I'm baking where it matters a bit more...

Next time I might try adding some pine nuts or cashews too.
So many possibilities.


Susan Standen said...

Where have your picky eaters gone? Brilliant success story!

Sarah said...

Loving how cooking with Tom and mummy is making such a difference!

Cherie said...

I'm sure with a bit on finesse it could be restaurant worthy =P