Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lamb & Mint Warm Pasta Salad

The other night we had some lamb in the fridge and I was at a bit of a loss over what to do with it. So I looked around to see what other ingredients we had that needed using up and ended up with this salad.
We were all so impressed with how yummy it was (not to mention how easy) that I decided it needed documenting for future use.
So here goes...

300 grams or so of diced lamb
Cooked whole wheat pasta to serve 4
2 cups gourmet lettuce/baby spinach
150 grams or so of halved cherry tomatoes

1 clove garlic
Handful of mint leaves
Few sprigs of rosemary
1/4 cup olive oil
2 tsp white wine vinegar
1 tsp dijon mustard
1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar

Cook pasta. While that's cooking
Pan fry off lamb in a little oil & prepare the tomatoes/lettuce.

To prepare the dressing place all your dressing ingredients in your thermomix/blender/mini processor until all blitzed together (8 secs speed 9) and scrape down sides.
Add cooked lamb, drained & cooked pasta, halved tomatoes and lettuce to the dressing and mix together on reverse speed 1 for 10 or so seconds. Use the spatula to help. (or mix in together in a bowl by hand).

Serve while warm or refrigerate for later.
Serves about 4 adults.

I can't wait to make this more this summer. Such & easy and tasty summer dish that the kids both gobbled up.


Saturday, September 29, 2012

3 Ingredient "Ice Cream" Recipe....

It's a bit more melted than usual in this photo...

This isn't Ice Cream in the traditional sense, however, it is what my kids have now come to know as "Ice Cream" and is definitely our favourite recipe of the moment!
With only 3 ingredients it really couldn't be any easier and it comes out with a soft serve like consistency.
Only healthier.
And yummier.
Even if I do say so myself.

Only trouble is I'm not sure how it would be possible without a thermomix. You would probably need a food processor/high speed blender type thing & then a beater. Not so easy but still just as yummy & healthy...
Still a win.

300-400 grams of frozen fruit of your choice (can replace some of this with cubs of frozen milk/coconut milk if you want to).
1 egg white
0-50 grams of sugar to taste depending on fruit used (I don't use any for sweet fruits like banana)

Place sugar into the TM bowl and mill to icing sugar for 25 secs speed 9 (or use icing sugar if you're not using a thermomix)
Add fruits/milk & chop for 10 secs speed 8
Insert butterfly (this is where you'd want a beater), add in egg white & beat for 45 seconds on speed 4.
Scrape down the sides and beat for another 15 seconds if necessary.

Enjoy immediately.
It can be frozen for later use but it will not be as soft & creamy.

Our favourite flavours are banana strawberry, mixed red berry, blueberry or just plain banana.
We've also tried pineapple but the girls aren't as big on pineapple.

Hope you enjoy

**  Recipe originally from the Australian Thermomix Everyday Cookbook.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Soap Nuts...

One of the areas that I've been wanting to work on for a while is some of the cleaning chemicals I have on hand in my home...
I'd pretty much phased out all the harsh for cleaning floors/surfaces/bathrooms etc years ago, but I am keen to slowly find some more natural replacements for washing powder, dishwashing powder, dishwashing liquid etc...

So enter trial 1:
Washing powder replacement options...

First up in the trial I tried out some home made washing liquid that my gorgeous friend Tammi gave me a bottle of. I was pretty happy with the results although after a few loads I did miss my laundry having a nice fragrance. What can I say, I'm a fragrance kind of girl.
But that was easily solved, I simply added a drop or 2 of tea tree oil to each wash and that satisfied my need for fresh scent very well.

I didn't get Tammi's exact recipe but if you are interested in making your own then I did find this really great resource. 10 different home made laundry recipes. Some for powder & some for liquid.

Second up I decided to try Soap nuts...

Months ago when I attended a market down south for my handmade business I'd come across them at another stall & purchased a sample packet.
But what can I say... I got sceptical, put them in my cupboard & more or less forgot all about them.

A few weeks ago I was almost at the bottom of the bottle of home made laundry liquid & I saw the soap nuts again. Still sceptical I decided half heartedly to give them a try & see what happened.
Well. Was I wrong or what.
I LOVE them.
My washing came out feeling SO very soft and was very clean. After putting a few drops of tea tree oil on the muslin bag they go in, the washing also came out smelling beautiful.

So I am sold. I will definitely be ordering more from here once my trial pack is finished.
And an extra bonus is that they work out very inexpensive.

In other words I highly recommend them :)

Have you tried any natural dish washing solutions? That's my next focus.
Some great recipes in the plans for this week...
Wanna see a sneak peak?

wholefood selection

Makes me hungry just remembering them.
Will chat again soon.