Saturday, September 29, 2012

3 Ingredient "Ice Cream" Recipe....

It's a bit more melted than usual in this photo...

This isn't Ice Cream in the traditional sense, however, it is what my kids have now come to know as "Ice Cream" and is definitely our favourite recipe of the moment!
With only 3 ingredients it really couldn't be any easier and it comes out with a soft serve like consistency.
Only healthier.
And yummier.
Even if I do say so myself.

Only trouble is I'm not sure how it would be possible without a thermomix. You would probably need a food processor/high speed blender type thing & then a beater. Not so easy but still just as yummy & healthy...
Still a win.

300-400 grams of frozen fruit of your choice (can replace some of this with cubs of frozen milk/coconut milk if you want to).
1 egg white
0-50 grams of sugar to taste depending on fruit used (I don't use any for sweet fruits like banana)

Place sugar into the TM bowl and mill to icing sugar for 25 secs speed 9 (or use icing sugar if you're not using a thermomix)
Add fruits/milk & chop for 10 secs speed 8
Insert butterfly (this is where you'd want a beater), add in egg white & beat for 45 seconds on speed 4.
Scrape down the sides and beat for another 15 seconds if necessary.

Enjoy immediately.
It can be frozen for later use but it will not be as soft & creamy.

Our favourite flavours are banana strawberry, mixed red berry, blueberry or just plain banana.
We've also tried pineapple but the girls aren't as big on pineapple.

Hope you enjoy

**  Recipe originally from the Australian Thermomix Everyday Cookbook.


Susan Standen said...

I really like this idea and am curious how it would work in the ice cream machine, but then realised that it wasn't necessary. The Kitchen Aids could do the hard bit - got a blender as well as the mixer.

Dolores said...

I made "ice cream" today. Frozen fruit and Chobani yoghurt - OK I suppose technically that's frozen yoghurt. Just blend the two together, I used a stick blender. It's already ice cream consistency and can be eaten straight away.