Sunday, September 16, 2012

Soap Nuts...

One of the areas that I've been wanting to work on for a while is some of the cleaning chemicals I have on hand in my home...
I'd pretty much phased out all the harsh for cleaning floors/surfaces/bathrooms etc years ago, but I am keen to slowly find some more natural replacements for washing powder, dishwashing powder, dishwashing liquid etc...

So enter trial 1:
Washing powder replacement options...

First up in the trial I tried out some home made washing liquid that my gorgeous friend Tammi gave me a bottle of. I was pretty happy with the results although after a few loads I did miss my laundry having a nice fragrance. What can I say, I'm a fragrance kind of girl.
But that was easily solved, I simply added a drop or 2 of tea tree oil to each wash and that satisfied my need for fresh scent very well.

I didn't get Tammi's exact recipe but if you are interested in making your own then I did find this really great resource. 10 different home made laundry recipes. Some for powder & some for liquid.

Second up I decided to try Soap nuts...

Months ago when I attended a market down south for my handmade business I'd come across them at another stall & purchased a sample packet.
But what can I say... I got sceptical, put them in my cupboard & more or less forgot all about them.

A few weeks ago I was almost at the bottom of the bottle of home made laundry liquid & I saw the soap nuts again. Still sceptical I decided half heartedly to give them a try & see what happened.
Well. Was I wrong or what.
I LOVE them.
My washing came out feeling SO very soft and was very clean. After putting a few drops of tea tree oil on the muslin bag they go in, the washing also came out smelling beautiful.

So I am sold. I will definitely be ordering more from here once my trial pack is finished.
And an extra bonus is that they work out very inexpensive.

In other words I highly recommend them :)

Have you tried any natural dish washing solutions? That's my next focus.
Some great recipes in the plans for this week...
Wanna see a sneak peak?

wholefood selection

Makes me hungry just remembering them.
Will chat again soon.


Leanne said...

I use a tea tree oil based soap product, it is the best. But I will give these a try next time I see them as I have wondered for years about them.

Cherie said...

I use tea tree face washes. Never thought to use it on clothes too. The food looks good!! =D

Cassandra said...

I use Seventh Generation products for nearly everything - clothes, household cleaners, dishes. I want to switch to something even more natural though. I have been eyeballing those soap nuts and am now determined to try them since you like them so much!

Your upcoming meals look really yummy!