Monday, October 1, 2012

The Garden report- nearly 2 months on...

Wow I can't believe our little garden has been in 2 months!!
Seriously it feels like just yesterday we planted it.
So how's it doing?

Well I haven't killed it all.
I'm telling you, that's some serious progress!!!

Although it was doing significantly better 2 weeks ago when I took this photo than it is today after I've just had to prune it all back...

I gave them a little bit of food from our worm farm (highly diluted and watered in) and after that they decided to go all stalky and woody. Do you think it would be the food I gave them or just coincidence because of the weather change to spring?

Looking at that photo the lettuces have grown in the last 2 weeks at least. Just the herbs aren't doing nearly so well. Hopefully my vicious prune will help them & new growth will come.

I also had to pull the cauliflowers out because they weren't doing a thing except being eaten.

At one stage I thought that the very stalky stevia plant I had managed to find had died which I was most upset about because stevia plants are very hard to buy here. But I chopped off the one big stalk near the dirt to see what would happen and happily loads of new growth has started to grow and it's now thriving.
Go me :)

So that's our progress.

It's really great having some fresh herbs nearby so I'm definitely going to try to continue to keep them alive.
Not sure if I yet have the motivation to start a bigger garden out the front in our official vege patch though. We don't have a front fence so it's not so easy to tend with a little runnaway in the house so I'm a bit worried it will quickly get neglected.
More thought required on that one.


Susan Standen said...

I think you have made enough huge changes in your life the past few months. I bigger veg plot can wait. Then when you have perfected how to keep this little lot thriving you can come teach me!

Cassandra said...

Wow! It's looking really good!