Monday, November 12, 2012

New organic skin care range...

{Not a sponsored post... just an honest user review}

A few months ago, when shopping for a new cocktail dress, I found myself "sucked into" talking to one of those booths down the centre of the shopping mall.
Now, there is one brand in particular which always has a centre aisle booth (I shall not name names) with their hard sell technique that really annoys me, and it has put me off stopping and looking at those booths ever again.
It's a bit sad really.
But this time the person was really friendly and started talking about "organic" blah blah blah and all of a sudden my ears popped up.
So I listened.
And boy and I glad I did, because it led me to this yummy yummy yummy new organic skin care range:

These are Australian made, organic (some of the products are still going through the certification process though) skin care and they are seriously good enough to eat.

It was the peel mask that first impressed me. It is made from a manuka honey blend. The lady put it on the back of my hand, left it for 10 seconds then started gently rubbing. It was then quite frightening as a whole bunch of dead skin started to flake off my hand. Ew!
But boy did my hand feel good afterwards.
I could definitely see the merits of that product for my face!

Next she amazed me with the eye gel. She rubbed a small amount over my crows feet (yes I do have wrinkles already sob sob) and all of a sudden within seconds then were gone. I could not believe it.

Then she showed me the cleanser by having me wash my hands over a white bowl. The water went grey. Seriously disgusting! And I promise you I hadn't just been in the garden, I'd been walking around the shopping mall having had washed my hands within the last hour.

So I decided to bravely give them a go. Bravely because I've been using the same product range since I was 18 - I have sensitive skin and every time I try and change I get dermatitis within a week and it's very uncomfortable.
I've even tried at least 3 organic or completely natural ranges in the past to no avail. I've never been impressed and have gone straight back to my normal.

But after 2 months using this I can happily say that I've been converted. My skin has never looked better. My blemishes heal really quickly and I haven't been getting as many hormone spots round me "special" time of the month. I've been able to wear far less make up and feel much more confident without any at all.
Quite the turn around!!

There are only a few things that I don't like about the products ...
Firstly they are all packaged the same so when the day cream, night cream & peel are all lined up on my dresser I can't tell at a glance which one is which. Small complaint really and one I've been able to get over by leaving them in a certain order, but it can be slightly annoying.
Secondly I'd kind of like the day/night creams to be in a pump bottle. Because then it would be much easier to limit how much you used & also faster when getting ready in the morning. (yep I'm even too lazy to take a lid on and off all the time. Usually I have about 10 minutes to get showered and ready in the morning so pump bottles help the whole process no end).

Lastly the price is an obstacle. To be honest I never would have bought these had I not been offered them at a crazy crazy discount and promised that I could bring them back if my skin got irritated. Because when she first told me the full retail price I actually laughed at her.
Really I did!
I told her that she was a funny lady & did I look like I was in a position to spend that much on skin care (dragging my two kids around the shopping mall in the middle of the day!).

But now I've tried them I don't know what I'll do if I don't get that price again next time (which she's promised me I can have next time though) because I'm afraid I'm hooked.
Great NZ Manuka Honey is expensive though, but still why does organic have to be so pricey sometimes?!
Does my head in.

For those that can afford it (and ask for a special deal like I got ;) ) then this is well worth trying though. I promise you, it feels so good on your skin. If you can get passed the smelling good enough to eat part that is... I've been tempted to taste it on several occasions just to see if it does taste as good as it smells - probably not a good look haha.
You can find their website here. The lady in Garden City, Perth is lovely and she will post anywhere in Australia for free if you ring your order through. Otherwise I'm pretty sure it will show stockists on their website.

I'm a convert that's for sure.


Leanne said...

I hope you will get a nice price. If you put a different pieces of colourful tape or fabric on the jars you will be able to tell them apart.

DebbieH said...

Sounds fabulous but I (sadly!) will not be trying it any time soon! Actually, a friend of mine also has an organic skincare range which is lovely just in case you can't get the cheap price again!

Cassandra said...

Sounds like a wonderful product line! I wish they sold some in the US!

Colleen Alma said...

I checked out the skin care link, and I must say the price startled me. I am a consultant for an organic skin care line from England. It's called NYR Organic here in the US. It's only been here a few years but has been in England for 30ish years. Wish I could get it to you and they are fantastic products and are much more reasonably priced. I have rosacea and it has helped quite a lot. I know, I know, everyone thinks they have the best line of stuff. Love the fact that there are more organic products out there. We don't need to be putting chemicals into our bodies through our skin. Ok, I'll get off my soapbox. Glad you found something you like.

Colleen Alma said...
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